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Suggestion technologies for Bing

Дата: 08.05.2013 Категории: Маркетинг / Яндекс

Antonio Gulli, ECIR 2013 Search engines have long provided clues to the topics people look up. In this talk, we discuss Bing suggestion technologies (autosuggest) for the use of showing the precise questions that are most frequently asked. These technologies anticipate what you are most likely to ask based on questions that other people have made. Simply type a question starting with a word like "is" or "was," and search engines will start filling in the rest. Frequently asked questions include: "When will the world end?" "Is Neil Armstrong Muslim?" "What is the meaning of the life". During the talk, we will demonstrate why autosuggest reflects the collective curiosities of its users and why this can help improve the quality of search and user experience.

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