Автор: yandexmovie
Длительность: 00:40:48

Search and Discovery at Twitter

Дата: 08.05.2013 Категории: Маркетинг / Яндекс

Jimmy Lin, ECIR 2013 Twitter aims to be an information platform that connects users to what they care about, 140 characters at a time. Whether it's breaking new events around the world, the latest celebrity gossip, or the recent adventures of your closest friends, the search and discovery services aim to surface relevant and personalized content in real-time. In this talk, I will provide an overview of projects at Twitter in this space, discuss challenges that we face, and share some experiences we gained along the way. In particular, I'll focus on the real-time aspects of the problem, which has implications for both the design of search architectures and content-ranking algorithms.

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