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Contours and Convergence

Дата: 08.05.2013 Категории: Маркетинг / Яндекс

Diane Kelly, ECIR 2013 We are happy to inform you that the BCS/ BCS IRSG Karen Spärck-Jones Award Panel has decided to make the Award for 2012 to Diane Kelly. In making the BCS/ BCS IRSG Karen Spärck-Jones Award for 2012, the Panel strongly recognizes that Diane has made important contributions to: the analysis of information seeking behaviors, and to the development of new experimental methods and systems to support information seeking and analysis. Diane has made several other important contributions to user modeling using implicit indicators of relevance, the development and analysis of interfaces to elicit richer statements of interest, and new methodologies for designing and evaluating interactive retrieval systems. Her strong user-oriented work views users-as-people with cognitive tasks.

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